Friday, May 15, 2009

A Friendly Reminder

When I wrote the previous posting on neoliberalism, I could not relate why one commenter asked about Boediono and his religious attitude.

Only after I read Faisal Basri's take on Boediono that I become aware of the Boediono-Neoliberalism controversy, that the commenter might think I was talking about, which I wasn't.

Kate apparently gets really annoyed with that controversy, and all baristas here know too well that hell has no fury like Kate scorned.

Just wait what she's gonna say. Stay tune.

Added: My take on the commenter's question remains the same, nevertheless.


  1. can you tell me whether cafe salemba is neo-lib or not? religious or not?

  2. Anonymous, can you tell us what you really mean by neo-lib? As whether we're religious or not, why is that your business?