Wednesday, December 02, 2009

No Century for You (Yet)

Some of you may wonder why I don't serve something on Century brouhaha. It's for a simple reason: I do not have reliable data or information that can, to some extent, be verified. I follow the newspaper and some facebook debates, but the best I can have is something called investigative reports based on either BPK's audit report or BI's press release.

And crime investigation is not my thing.

But let me tell you my normative stance here. First, bank's bailout at time of crisis is theoretically defendable and systemic risk is not a snake-oil jargon. Second, any corruption related to the bailout should be investigated by authorized parties with credible tools and skills. As for political accountability joke process, just bring it on. I am always confident that ordinary citizens in general aren't that stupid.

Fair enough, yes?

Now, what Manohara has to do with Century? That's the question.

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