Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kate Goes Randian

It's always nice to meet up Cafe's regular patrons outside the cafe itself and last I just met with a self-declared green-line youths, named after one of subway line here -- although some actually came from places way beyond regular subway system.

And, man, they're such a bunch of smart people. They know stuff that baristas could only wish to know - from Warkop to game theory to Mathematica to what's hot in Newbury street. What is initially a plan for simple dinner turned out a lively discussions on various stuff, including whether the illustration for Nash equilibrium in the Beautiful Minds film is really a Nash equilibrium -- it is not.

And of course on Emma Watson - and her plan to take 9 months leave from her study - and Natalie Portman. Alright, ladies, James Franco, too.

But after the Vietnamese spring rolls and main dishes were almost finished, they revealed their true motive for coming all the way to see yours truly in the last day before spring break. A classic question: "Who is Kate Salemba?"

I almost burst into laughter. Apparently they love you, Kate. And don't worry, quoting Aco's tweet, you remain discreet and elusive as we all knew it.

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  1. LOL... just read this post!!! huahahhahahahahahahahaha... yes yesss.. and even after 2 meet and greets with "muda-mudi green line-red line", the mystery remains... but you know us, it's hard to beat our determination.. :p

    and to Kate: you're always welcomed here !!! :) you can even pick any cuisine to be spoiled with :p