Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Help, we don't want good, cheap stuff!

I've been restraining from posting. So that I can comment on silly, selfish, xenophobic complaints like this, this, this, or this without being too rude. (Ugh I guess I just failed?)

If you're busy (or you don't speak Bahasa Indonesia), don't bother clicking the links. I'll tell you what they're about: protection begging, as usual. Even a nine-year old would have asked: why do we not want good, cheaper stuff, if somebody actually offers it?

Alright, if you insist, here's what really bothers me. They say, "Chinese products are way cheaper than ours", and "they even come in better quality" (hey, isn't it too obvious already, what should we decide?). Then, "This ain't good for local industry", and you get it right, "The government should impose more duties". And the song continues...

I wonder if anybody go ask one of those businessman. Does he really love expensive T-shirt, with a quality he can actually buy at a lower price? If he says yes, then I rest my case. But who thinks he would?

It is striking that many people (including the media) think that production is an end. While it is not. People produce to ... consume!

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