Friday, March 03, 2006

The tragedy of moral policing

Read a news about a funny but sad story in Tangerang, Banten. Once again, this just shows what's going to happen when you give the state too many power over morality.

Can't help to agree with the chair of the National Committee against Women Violence, "when the state wants to become the moral police over its citizens, who will be the first victims? Women and poor people!" And this is also why among the biggest rejection to the proposed legislation about pornograpgy comes from various women groups.


  1. For me, no need to be humble at all on this, the law is a tragedy. Or, even worse, this is a disaster for humanity.

    I have no doubt on rejecting any law that trying to "guard morality". Why? Simple take a look at our own people. Belive in God, have a religion, pray regularly, but... we are one of the most corrupted country in the world (2nd best after Bangladesh)? or take a look at the street, does the people have patience and morality by shouting, angrying, or even killing, destructing, trowing stone to something or someone if it/they don't agree with you? Which one is immoral?

    I am really sorry, I don't believe in any "moral policing" at all. Even I don't believe with any religious leaders which is true hypocrite. Please feel free to condemn me...

  2. It's not merely about the state, but ANY institutions should not be the 'moral police'.