Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Buy one get the second one for 25% off

Dear Kate,

Holiday is coming and I am so going to the beach (yay!). I need to buy a new swimsuit. This one I have now I bought three years ago - it looks outdated. Yesterday I went to this mall and they had a big promo. It says you can buy one swimsuit and you get 25% off for the second one. You think this is good?

Beachlover @ Surabaya

Dear Beachlover,

It depends. If you're really a beachlover like your name, go get them. But I doubt it, 'cause you said your current swimsuit is three years old already. You don't go to beach that often, do you?

Now, if I am right (that you are no beach frequenter, just occasional happy beacher), don't fall into that marketing gimmick. You would waste your money. Just buy one. Chances are, the interest rate on your saved money for three years will actually outweigh the promised discount of that second swimsuit.

Unless. Unless you have a BFF who also likes beach (frequently or occasionally) and you want to give her a christmas gift. Then that second swimsuit might worth it. Just don't tell her that you got it for a discount.

Happy bitch- I mean beaching.

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