Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rage against the machine, Platini edition

Michel Platini doesn't like the idea of inviting technology into sports. He strongly opposes goal-line technology, as, according to him, it is too expensive.

He said it's cheaper to have referees with "good glasses" standing close to the goal-line. Platini surely advocates the idea of replacing all traffic lights with policemen. Technology too expensive? Well, the first time human civilisation invented television, telephone, and what not, people thought they were too expensive. Or of course, the standard fallacy: technology leaves people unemployed. Who invents technology?

I guess Luddism never dies.


  1. tapi faktanya, teknologi garis gawang kini sudah dipakai pada pertandingan piala dunia antar klub. apapun teknologi yg digunakan, semoga akan meningkatkan kualitas tontonan bagi kita yg suka nonton bola :)

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