Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My current dæmon is 0.8(F+B+S)+0.2K -- what's yours?

Has anybody seen The Golden Compass or read His Dark Materials? I have just seen the movie. I like it: it got me thinking. What would be my dæmon if it ever existed? Is is settled already like the dæmons of adults, Miss Coulter's or Lord Asriel's? Or is it still changing like that of Lyra Belacqua's, the kid? I'm not sure if mine is still trying to find its final form. But I guess I would love it if my current dæmon is some sort of a creature made of eighty percent of Friedman, Becker, and Stigler combined and twenty percent of Keynes. That is, 0.8(F+B+S)+0.2K. I'm not sure how it looks like (I sure hope it's not ugly like Coulter's golden monkey).

How about yours?


  1. Co, put a healthy 0.01 Nash there, too :-)

  2. I haven't seen the movie, but here's mine:

    Mancur Olson:0.1
    Anatol Rapoport:0.1
    Thomas Schelling: 0.3
    Herbert Simon: 0.2
    Paul Lazarsfeld:0.1
    Stanley Milgram:0.2

    Wikipedia links for non economists.

  3. my godness, friedman and becker???
    you dont have imagination, co..


  4. Rizal, Nash is a tool :-)
    Roby shame on me, don't know anything about those other guys...
    Pat, Agnes Monica is in the other equation. Can I put you, also?