Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Why is it, when I read a letter to editor in a magazine or newspaper signed by its author in the following form
DR (KANDIDAT) HJ [first name] [father's last name] [husband's last name] S.H. M.HUM , advokat
I immediately remember Spence? Or, wait, is it Baby Bop? (BB: Look at me me me // I'm three three three // I'm as happy as can be be be // Can you tell can you see? // I'm a very happy me me me...)

Try it yourself. Tempo magazine, this week's edition.

1 comment:

  1. Aco ...hehehe.. so funny.

    I think sending signal, that I have such and such, might well-explain the case. Provided that you, the rest of the readers, and I have no any idea on this guy. Perhaps s(he) is "symetrizing" our information on her/him.

    But, I think to some extent, the remnants of feudalism might still attach to the idea of disclosing the whole set of degrees.

    By the way, for the sake of reducing redundancy, shouldn't the highest degree cancel the "lower" one(s)?