Sunday, March 07, 2010

(Not) the Java Jazz

I've overheard that the Java Jazz Festival 2010 was disappointing.

Well, I am not sure if it's true. But anyway, you still have us, the Cafe, keep playing the jazz as we know it.

Here some for you, a real cool (and touching) piece from Dave Brubeck's Allstars Quintet, The Jazz Ambassadors of US Army Field Band, and The Four Sons of Dave Brubeck, played the medley of Unsquare Dance, Kathy's Waltz, Take Five, Blue Rondo ala Turk, and Happy Birthday, honoring Dave Brubeck at the Kennedy Center, December 2009.

And John and Toni who, again? :-D


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  2. Java Jazz 2010 is a bit disapointing indeed but I keep my expectation high for the next one