Monday, March 29, 2010


Hi, I'm officially on Twitter now (@katesalemba). As in the other social networkings, I'm a latecomer. I gather, the baristas are there too: Aco (@acopatunru), Ape (@ari_perdana), and Ujang (@ujangw). Rizal is still in denial, while Sjamsu 'can not handle one more additional networking' (what, is he Paris Hilton or something? Haha).

So, let's see how this Twitterati plays out. Wanna bet how long I'll be ... what's the term, tweeting?

Twittery yours,

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  1. newsflash for
    @rizalshiddiq: you can lock your profile and timeline. Also block a follower

    @srahardja: you can be a passive tweeter