Monday, March 15, 2010

On Obama's visit

Visitors of this cafe might remember, I wasn't very thrilled by Obama when he was first elected (as channeled by the guys here in Warung Sebelah). But I shared many observers' view that he's much better than Bush.

Now, with Indonesia's rising role in international fora (e.g. G20) as well as its impressive economic achievement (e.g. upgrades by Fitch, Moody's, S&P), I think the Obama factor has become even more important than before. Yes, there's an ongoing change in the geopolitics in the area with China's leadership esp. as the locomotive of the so-called regional production network. But issues like currency talk, global economy rebalancing with US and China will be around for quite a while. Add the tension between China and Japan on ASEAN+3 or ASEAN+6 to it, we would all see that Indonesia should really take these other countries very seriously. And that includes giving proper respect to their leaders, including that of the US, namely Obama.

But why am I bringing this up? And why here in the cafe rather than there in the boring and pretentiously serious Exegesis? Well maybe because I'm sick of this die-hard Americo-phobia displayed by many elements in the community, e.g. HTI and some other religious-based groups. Ah yes, some lazy students too plus narrow-minded media. So I'm saying this with the usual cafe angst.

And I post here so as the other baristas will chip in :D


  1. I'm afraid I lost faith in Obama and politics generally this year. Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush... they are all beginning to look alike.

  2. Yes brother they are all the same...