Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lighten up, Doc!

A letter to editor in Kompas today is a reflection of blatant anti-competition by an Indonesian medical doctor, a member of the Indonesian Medical Doctors Association (IDI). He complains about a doctor from Singapore who keeps advertising himself in Indonesian news media.

He argues, had local doctors been allowed to do the same, all media would have been full of private doctors selling themselves. Some might even offer promos like car or free ticket to go abroad. All sounds sinful to his ear, as the letter implies.

I wish the opposite is true. If Indonesian doctors advertise themselves in the media, that would lessen my search cost. And yeah, I want the prize.

Oh by the way, the complainer, by sending such a letter to the (biggest) newspaper in the country, is, urgh, advertising himself, too. No?

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