Saturday, October 16, 2010

RIP: Nizam A. Yunus

Let me write about someone that unless you had attended FEUI, you probably don't know this nevertheless very fine gentleman, Nizam A. Yunus.

Bang Nizam was the Associate Dean for Student's Affair when I, Ape, and Aco, were in college years in the 1990s. Being active in student magazine, BO Economica, we had close contact with him.

And he was the best, most unpretentious, university bureaucrat one can possibly wish to have.

During 1997-1998 tumultous protest days, Bang Nizam played important role in letting the students to protest and go down to the streets. Unlike other University bureaucrats, he never tried to stop students' movement.

I still remember the nights Bang Nizam spent in his office in Depok on the days of students protest, just to make sure that FEUI students were safe. He was the only campus official willing to do this in those days.

Sometimes I just dropped by to have cold Coke and had conversation on, mostly, unimportant stuff. He had a small refrigerator in his office, I think. Funny man himself, talking to him was always fun.

He also called himself "gue" and his students "elo".

I thanked Bang Nizam for making FEUI feels like home and my college years was very much memorable. In his own way, he really took care of students of all stripes, myself included.

So long, Bang.

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