Thursday, October 14, 2010

Save JifFest by paying higher prices than before

I love JifFest - that's Jakarta International Film Festival. It's coming (if I'm not mistaken it's going to be the 11th this year). Like in the last years, it's coming with poor financing. I feel sorry and I would love to contribute my suggestion.

Which might not be popular. And hence I would just post it here.

Here's the thing. I think the ticket prices to JifFest have been too low. As a result, they can't rely on ticket revenue even to cover the overhead, maybe. I understand their argument: ticket should not be expensive if you want to introduce good stuff to as many people as possible.

But there lies the problem. Festivals bring about good, selected movies. Usually this kind of movies have pre-selected audience. That is, serious movie watchers, artists, people who appreciate arts more than others, et cetera. And they "should be" willing to pay higher, because they value these movies higher than "ordinary" ones.

By charging low prices (even worse, by subsidizing) they forget one thing: the filter effect of price. Because the prices are too low, even those who don't care or who don't appreciate these movies will come. But for different reasons: to kill time, to hang out, or to find a place to date boy- or girfriend cheaply. These are the people who would talk and make noisy chit-chat while the movie is rolling. These are the people who talk over handphones making it hard for us to appreciate the ongoing movie..

But if you charge a "more correct price", you filter out these non-serious watchers. And give us better ambience to enjoy the otherwise excellent movie experience.

Of course I'm not suggesting a very expensive price. For super high prices might as well scare even the serious watchers. Let's just say a little higher than the prices of non-festival, usual movies in Jakarta.

Just saying.

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  1. Good art events should be accessible to art lovers, no matter if they're rich or not. The reason why Jiffest tickets are so cheap is because they wanted their program to be enjoyed by even lower middle class. Selling more expensive ticket indiscriminately will limit Jiffest to be rich people's ball. However, IMHO if there are Jiffest auds who can afford to pay more, this can be made in form of donation support to make sure that people will less fortune but with good taste of film can still dance along.