Tuesday, February 07, 2006

From the Manager


I was thinking. How about 1) creating a logo for the Café, 2) designing an own skin and template for it, 3) signing each posting with category-label, and 4) moving the publishing to an own ISP. The reasons, respectively are: 1) brand rules, 2) uniqueness sells, 3) organized is neat, and 4) control over data is important.

One of the hosts responded to my ideas: 1) "Agree, but ask an artist to do that, you're just a café manager -- you don't have the skill to design a "powerful" logo"; 2) "Why? Blogger® has lots of options -- why bother design your own?"; 3) "Great. Can you do that? I was told, Blogger® doesn't have that feature. Ask any blogger out there to help you. There's this thing called "Technorati®-technique", I heard"; and 4) "Why? Blogger® provides free storage. Afraid it might collapse one day? Well, it will lose big time -- the people there don't want that to happen, believe me".

You think he's right?


  1. own logo and skin, about time and deservedly so. category labels, yes use technorati tags for minimal effort.

    also, your own domain name to support no 1 and flexibility to do no 4.

  2. if this is going to be a one-page web, having your own domain could be a waste. except you want to have some in-house links.

    as for template, there are many free skin to use. blogskin is pretty good nowadays, you can pick one and play around with it's HTML/CSS coding for a personalized one. i can supply you with banner-removal coding, but if you think it's unethical you can always upgrade your account. as for the logo, sorry, me no photoshop wizard.

  3. satya, thanks. we start using technorati-tags.

    detta, thanks. will explore blogskin.

  4. Sounds a great idea. Logo would be good, and skin as well. As long as not taking so much time of you to create them. But, please do not make it to 'fancy' or 'fully-artistic'. I prefer to enjoy the content instead of the beauty of the page.

    I guess detta is the best sources and consultant for this, definitely! If you need, I may know a bit about photoshop.

  5. What about selling advertisement space? Alot of people (still less than Tiara Lestari though) visit this site.

    Should also prepare if any TV station ask CS-er to host a weekly talk show :-D

  6. > Should also prepare if any TV station ask CS-er to host a weekly talk show :-D

    With Tiara Lestari?