Saturday, February 18, 2006

A wisdom from the loser

I'm no big fan of The Born Loser -- not as much as I am of The Boondocks, Peanuts, or of course our "own" Panji Koming. But today, the Born Loser, or more precisely, his junior delivers an important message. Let me quote the whole scene.

Brutus is sitting on his couch, talking to his son Wilberforce. The latter is standing with a dollar bill in his hand.

Brutus: I don't want you to spend that cash grandma gave you for your birthday!
Brutus again: I like to say, money saved is money earned!
Wilbeforce: Yeah? Well, I say, money saved is money I could have bought somethin' good with!
I can't agree more with Wilberforce.

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