Tuesday, February 14, 2006

From the Manager

I was out of town last weekend, I couldn’t manage to announce our week’s picks. So here they are… Molten Soul (Joshua Redman), Nuages (James Carter), and A Love Supreme Part 3: Pursuance (Branford Marsalis Quartet).

You ask, why the youngsters? Right, we’ve been playing the old schools these past weeks. It’s probably time to hear some fresh interpretation (B. Marsalis on Coltrane, and J. Carter on the great Django Reinhardt) and invention (by J. Redman).

Maybe the excitement of upcoming Java Jazz Festival is a call to appreciate the younger jazzers. Indeed, don’t miss Nial Djuliarso and Zefanya, newest prodigies. And there will be the established Dwiki Dharmawan and Margie Segers. Or the overlooked Wayan Balawan.

But hold your expectation there. The organizers seem to invite everyone to play. Don’t be surprised, names like Glenn Fredly, Dave Koz, and Kahitna are also on the list!


Update: Someone informed me, not only Glenn Fredly will perform with his annoying falsetto, but even Ello will be there. Man! What is this, a smoothie?

1 comment:

  1. your playlist makes me miss Coltrane and Baker. i must say that Balawan's new release is a major dissapointment. it's no where near ecletic, let alone magic. he pulls out better in live performance, i think.

    for those of you who will attend JJF, please make time swinging to White Shoes and The Couples Company. they're stellar! can't make it this time of year, i have to settle for Mosaic then. Nial will be there along with KoC, Pat Metheny and Jason Mraz. yeah baby.

    as those who are keen to not so eclectic jazz, can click here to hear my playlist. make sure you have media player and good internet connection.