Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My side project...

... is contributing to this music blog, initiated by an old colleague of mine, along with Jakarta Post's M. Taufiqurrahman (a.k.a. or own MT).

So here's the story. Philips just recently discovered a new hobby: hunting old, and new, vinyl records. You know, the old-fashioned records that we play in a turntable. Yes, in the era of iPod and MP3, this guy is a bit counter-culture. (In the old-school disco music, we often hear some unique voices, resulted from a technique called 'scratch' -- holding-and-releasing the record while playing. Oriental, Music Room, Stardust and Fire generations, stand up, please!).

Now he is focusing his search on records listed in Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Rock N' Roll Album. We used to be a regular listener of M97FM, a radio station for classic rock fans. But the station ceased to exist; a great loss for us. At least we'd like to keep the spirit by blogging on some the albums on the list.

Here's my post on U2's The Joshua Tree, and Metallica's Master of Puppets.


  1. thanks for sharing the link. interesting piece on Velvet Underground and Nick Drake. i shall mark this page.

    i think Dave can contribute there too. yo Dave, you still stalk us capitalist down here???

  2. I brought a stack of vinyls with me....it's a different experience listening to the Talking Heads or Television on vinyls than on CDs or mp3s....you can listen to the music while admiring the details of the record sleeve....

    Btw, Phillips is MIA...in my case...he still owe me the Clash's London Calling double LP...and another thing...he has Jason Donovan on EP...of all things

    Detta, Velvet Underground's Nico can go up to $40 a pop.....

  3. pasha, you're the one who's MIA. You should write on the blog too. May be you can write about Britney Spears (i forgot, how much again did you buy her vinyl?)

  4. I heard you can get great old vinyl records on jalan surabaya. is this true?