Friday, July 04, 2008

Marx and Regular Basis Joke

From my used-book store visit yesterday, I bagged the 1976 first English edition of a comic book: Marx For Beginners (Karl, not Groucho), by the politically-funny Mexican cartoonist, Rius. On the way home, I overheard a woman said to a man on the escalator:
"You know, it's actually a kind of joke that I make on regular basis."
I burst into laughter myself.


  1. Reading Rizal's post, I laugh too. I suddenly recall a professor - allegedly a programatic advisor to the german (neo)liberal party, the FDP.

    In Indonesia, FDP operates through its political foundation, the Friedrich Naumann Stiftung (FNS).

    FNS is a comrade in arms of Freedom Institute and, these days, perhaps, Cafe Salemba. FNS is a brilliant supporter of the country's liberal epistemic community. It, among others,
    facilitated a recent discussion about poverty with speakers including from Cafe Salemba.

    Ach ja, the professor. That friendly liberal professor disagrees with Marx on many counts. However, he told me, more or less, "One should treat Marx with respect once one talk about him."

    He continued, adding, "simply to avoid the risk of being laughing stocks."

    No one reads Marx's publications. His books are mostly thick and boring. That aside, maybe for idiological reasons?

    I'm not sure. In Indonesia, very few - if any - seem to read Adam Smith too.

    - nomor delapan

  2. Definitely, Grundrisse is way to thick for a freshman like i was.

    Despite everything, i think everyone should read Marx and Marxism thoroughly before debating both.