Friday, July 18, 2008

Whose Job Market?

Among the topics presented on this year’s job market were studies of the prison parole system in Georgia, (several) of HIV/AIDS in Africa , of child immunization in India, of the political bias of newspapers, of child soldiering, of racial profiling, of rain and leisure choices, of mosquito nets, of malaria, of treatment for leukemia, of the stages of child development, of special education, of war and democracy, of the effects of TV coverage on democracy, of bilingualism and democracy, and many others. (Among the leading departments, only Stanford’s graduate students appear to be working almost exclusively on traditional topics.)
The question: whose job market is that? a. criminologist, b. epidemiologist, c. political science, or d. none of them.

Yes, it's none of them. It's the US economist's job market in the year of 2007 --according to Angus Deaton of Princeton in his Letter to The Royal Economy Society of Britain last year.

I'm sure some cynics would give a snort and dub it as an economics imperialism, but I'd say it's cool. Very cool, indeed

HT: Marginal Revolution

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