Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Worst Pick-up Line Ever is

"I hate to sound derivative, but I'd love to lie tangent to your curves."
Warning: apply strictly to the economist only --those dismal scientists.

The line also refers to Greg Mankiw's op-ed that basically says populism likely collides with the standard economics arguments (that includes legalizing marijuana, by the way).

Why? Not because supply and demand is too "complex." It is just not very emotionally satisfying.


  1. do you know that finding the ones who can understand the meaning is hard enough?

    don't even get tempted to use such line... :D


  2. dhani, agree.

    anymatters, that Mankiw's op-ed says about personal and economic freedom. Something like: it is you yourself who have right to set how much grass you can take (and take your very own health damage, if any, too), your economic decision and consequence --not the Big Brother.

    But presumably, there is also a cost-benefit analysis on government intervention underlying the stance of those 3 out 4 economists that support legalizing the grass (see: Landsburg's Armchair Economist)

  3. I think you'll find even worse pick up lines if you watch "the big bang theory" tv series.. :D