Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It IS illegal

So the government via Minister of Communication and Information has said it. Playboy magazine is illegal in Indonesia. Congratulations.

I respect the decision if it really is the reflection of what Indonesian people demand. But we should probably be more consistent. So, let’s as well do the following:

  • Ban FHM magazine. It teaches s*x.
  • Ban Popular magazine. It has nude pictures.
  • Ban Cosmopolitan magazine. It runs s*x astronomy.
  • Ban Matra magazine. It uncovers Jakarta’s dark side.
  • Ban Female magazine. It promotes miniskirts.
  • Ban Femina magazine. It has consultation forum with sexual innuendo.
  • Ban Hai magazine. It caters boys’ adrenalin.
  • Ban Ayahbunda magazine. It shows those areas.
  • Ban National Geographic. It details how animals do it.
  • Ban Cita Cinta magazine. It motivates girls to try stuff.
  • Ban Cek&Ricek tabloid. It peeks into everybody’s bedroom.
  • Ban RCTI. It has pervert and ghost series.
  • Ban SCTV. It has pervert and ghost series, too.
  • Ban Metro TV. It is full of violence and blood.
  • Ban Lativi. It replays old Indonesian porn movies.
  • Ban The Jakarta Post. It embraces market economy – ain’t good for your health.
  • Ban Pos Kota. It has naughty hotline ads.
  • Ban Cosmopolitan FM. It invents naughty slangs.
  • Ban the Internet. It’s the root of all evils.
  • Ban DVDs, VCDs … wait, just raid Glodok, Ambassador, Ratu Plaza, and Mangga Dua.
  • Ban ... blogs -- what?

I hope we're not forgetting that corruption, hunger, diseases, flood are also important...


  1. booooooooooooooooo....!!!

  2. Oh, Aco...

    Thanks a lot for not listing TVRI as well (innocent and holly television broadcast?). I think I still need some visual information or entertainment though just a bit, no matter how 'ugly' they are.

    If all of those banning and new law on pornografi&pornoaksi and other law whatsoever inacted, will it guarantee that all of Indonesian people will become holly, pure morality and at the end welcome in heaven?


  3. I'm glad you forgot to tag 21 Cineplex on the list.