Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Chicken Capital

Tired of social capital? Here's a completely different capital. It's called chicken.

Animal-rights activist, Pamela Anderson (hmm, I think I've heard this name somewhere) complained that Indonesia's KFC is cruel and abusive to chickens. Quoted:
Investigations by my friends at PETA [People for the Ethical Treatments of Animals] that chickens who are raised for KFC are bred and drugged to grow so large quickly that many become crippled under their own weight.
Maybe they are implanted, Pam?

Update: Since I'm in the mood for chicken, I find this story amusing. It says egg causes chicken. Well, not really surprising. I can prove it.



  1. If there is reincarnation, I'd like to come back as Pamela Anderson's fingertips

    you see... this is fun. Chicken capital. It lit my interest in economy already.

  2. No need that far with KFC. Maybe Pamela need to see Indonesian traditional market condition...

    If you notice, the chicken vendor in any traditional market usually bring the chicken in very "cruel" way. For example, you put dozens of chicken at the back of your motorcyle (honda bebek!) where if you notice the head of the chicken were kissing the aspalt road. I've never seen them how to slaughter the chicken, but even before that I already amazed with the way they've been transported.

    There's a lot of cruel things about chicken (or even cow and buffalo) in Indonesia if we really care on that. But, why should we?

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  4. *Note: I deleted my previous comment because I addressed it to the wrong person. It was meant for Embun.

    Embun: If we ever sit in Peter Singer's class, maybe we would care, and not only about the abuse and cruelty.

    That's why I'll never sit in his class - not that I ever have the opportunity.

    But more importantly, I like my Kitfo and my steak tartare. And I loooove them chicken.