Saturday, May 13, 2006

Globalize your teeth

Hey, don't laugh. I went to a otrhodentist to have custom transparent braces made.
The braces are based on a relatively new technology:
I believe it is a California based company.

What amazes me is the manufacturing process. First, I got my dentist measuring and checking all the problems. Then, he developed a special mouldings to map my teeth. Based on those prints, a team of expert will "simulate" the development of my teeth during the course of treatment using computarized mathematical programming.

Guess where are those guys who run the computer program ? Costa Rica.
Team of engineers in Costa Rica will use videostream to consult with my dentist on their design and the trajectory of my teeth. Once the design is complete, set of braces are made and shipped to my dentist before they delivered to me.

Why Costa Rica? They have pool of talented engineers, speak English, perfect weather I suppose. Another reason might be because leaders in Cuba are still too busy : )


  1. interesting...I've always (uniquely) associated Costa Rica for being a pool for cute and hot I can diversify my image of this lovely country;-)

  2. Interesting to see visalign's name again. I subcontracted with them for a day once in Pakistan teaching English to Pakistanis who were working for their call center in Lahore. So this company gets around.

  3. Cute and hot surfers by day, talented engineers by night.

  4. Another reason is because they don't have army to support.
    Not clear enough?
    The money goes somewhere else more useful, that is.