Sunday, May 07, 2006

Hi from the Manager


It's funny. I'm having a donut... Jakartans are currently in J.Co craze -- this one is a donuts-and-coffee brandname. And I remember Jaco. Jaco Pastorius, that great bassist.

So, let me send you donuts with Jaco bass in the background: Okonkole Y Trompa (forget Balawan already? Jaco plays drum on his bass!), Opus Pocus, and of course Jaco's take on Miles' Donna Lee.

Rest in peace, Jaco.


  1. I'm very curious (about the donuts, not about Jaco): are they as good as they're all cracked up to be? They're just donuts aren't they? Oh well, I posed the same question about Krispy Kreme, only to admit sadly that they've now become one of my guilty pleasures.

  2. ujang,

    J.Co is absolutely fucking good, no kidding about this. i heard legendary tales about this amazing can-eat-6-at-one-go donuts and witness its ngantre-beras-tahun-'60an queue actually worth a single bite of it.

    i bought a pack of dozen, thinking it's enough for a single person supply for a week. i was wrong. 4 was consumed on the spot, another 2 on my way to Sg and the rest was history before the next day. should J.Co needs a testimonial, i'd gladly supply one. and no, this is so much more than BreadTalk craze.

    shoot, now i'm craving for them...

  3. With an endorsement like that (see above), who need ads?