Sunday, May 21, 2006

From the Manager


Yes, I was absent last week. But that was for a good reason: Ujang and Sjamsu were back -- and smashing. I didn't feel like spoiling their great postings with my ranting on music.

One week is enough, tho. Now I'm going to torture you again... No I'll go light and sweet.

It's Michael Franks. Popsicle Toes (and have the brilliant interpretation by Diana Krall). When The Cookie Jar Is Empty. Hourglass.

when the cookie jar is empty
baby gets so glum
when the cookie jar is empty
baby sucks her thumb
baby breaks her dishes
and she won't eat her peas
baby never misses
when she throws her spoon at me
leo is high as i'm leaving
love is the web that she is weaving
p.s. and unrelated: If you're still using Internet Explorer, you should see that Ujang's and a.p.'s postings with footnotes are weird. Use Firefox, IE is lame.


  1. that's from pacific blue, isn't it? Damn, i've almost entirely forgotten that album. time to put it back on, i guess.

    I'm using IE7.0. Ha ha! Just to be annoying really, it's beta and it's a buggy one.

  2. Treespotter, it's actually from Burchfield Nines, the late 70s album. I don't recall if Franks has it too in Blue Pacific (that one is 90 something, right?). But I agree, you should find it again. Cause it has The Art of Love:

    his ego would bend
    learning the art of love
    her heart soon would mend
    learning the art of love

    How's your car? The Lady Wants to Know