Monday, May 22, 2006

Self-Promotion #393: "...Because That's What Gets the Chicks... "

(See Self-Promotion #392 right here)

It's time for another installment of our infamous Self-PromotionTM postings. Let me shamelessly quote two full paragraphs from a blog entry by Steven Levitt at Freakonomics:
You may remember Joey Cheek as a gold medal speed skater from the Winter Olympics. It turns out he is also quite smart. He was admitted to Yale, Princeton, and Stanford. (Harvard, however, turned him down.)

Parade magazine quotes Cheek as saying that he plans to study economics. And then he goes on to blow the secret we economists have so carefully guarded for all these years. He plans to study economics because “that’s what gets the chicks.”
Joey, Joey. You just can't keep a secret, can you? Here's the website of Mr. Chick Magnet himself for you ladies.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is Self-Promotion #393. (Or is it self-vilification?)


  1. careful monitoring over the recent activities around here have really made that obvious really. even i'm getting interested in economics.

  2. Doing that kind of economics sure sounds more tantalizing than this.

    But one shouldn't care so long as it involves putting anal back into the economic analysis...

    Manager, I can say that, can't I?