Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Comparative (dis)advantage

This morning I set my Facebook status as "...experienced a water supply problem, so had to carry buckets of water early in the morning..."

A friend commented on the status:
"[Maybe it means] a signal [of a] distortion in the water market? ;)"
(I noted the wink symbol so I know he was joking).

Here's my reply:
Nah, nothing to do with market or distortion. It was just a stupid mistake to forget switching on the jet pump, so the air went into the pipes and prevented the water from flowing.

In short, it was physics, not economics. The problem is I was trained in the latter, not former, subject.
Note: This post is dedicated to non-Facebookers. Rizal is one of them.


  1. no, not physics. there was nothing wrong with the jet pump. it was your memory. it was psychology :-)

  2. i wonder who wrote the comment...
    *wink wink*