Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Consequences of Obama's victory in Indonesia?

What are the likely consequences of Obama's victory to Indonesia? Does the country really mean much more to US now because the new president happened to live here? ("Oh, he was once lived here." Well so what?). Will protectionism in Indonesia be on rise again? ("Look, that new president isn't so friendly to global free trade. Why aren't we? After all the crisis requires more and more protection." From what appears in the media lately, the sentiment is growing. Obama victory might give more ammunition to that).


  1. it doesn't affect me, but i'm pleased. it's only a popular news story and still vulnerable.

  2. Depends on how we define 'the impact'. Is it economic, diplomacy or geopolitical impact? For those issues, I think it won't matter much, at least in the very short term. Obama will definitely inject some optimism for the US people, and that may affect how their economy works. But the impact to Indonesia will not come immediately, if any.

    Another impact: Obama has inspired, and will continue to inspire, the 'new politics' in Indonesia. Especially to the 'young politicians.' True, there are still some issues regarding the fuss and hype of this 'young politicians' movement. But in terms of realpolitik, this matters. And the Obamania will make this matter more. (That any significant changes will come, that is another question, of course).

  3. hmmm... wonder why noone had bothered to look into his voting record. from what i know, in the senate committees where he served, he NEVER voted for Indonesia once - several resolutions were presented (int'l aid, foreign relations, military assistance etc.)

    Can't really see how he would be significant, in any other way but Mr. Bush is no longer there. but then again, that could be very significant.

    I'll check the voting record when i have the time.

    also curious, does the cafe serve alcohol?

  4. agree with a.p

    I don't think Obama's victory will affect the economic sector in Indonesia. If the impact is realized, I guess it's not significant. Obama's victory just make a psychological impact to Indonesian politicians (may be)