Friday, November 14, 2008

Sultan for President? Or I thought you want a younger one?

I never like the idea of kingdom. So my first reaction upon hearing that the Yogyakarta's Sultan Hamengkubuwono X is running for presidency is: what, are we now turning back into a kingdom like Thailand? Suddenly those images of people asking for blessings, a state full of divine ceremonies, and worst of all, people misled perception that The King is a direct representation of God full my air. Of course I'm exaggerating.

But just curious. Whatever happened to the "It Is Time For Young Generation" campaign by Sukardi Rinakit and his friends? Is suddenly the Sultan now younger than Rizal Mallarangeng, Fadjrul Rachman, Zulkifliemansyah, or Sukardi himself? Where is Indra Piliang by the way?


  1. I may not be the correct person to comment on this, because I must admit that I'm rather apathetic towards the Indonesian presidential election (scratch that, make it Indonesian politics as a whole) and thus haven't been following all the news. But, based on the tidbits of information I've acquired from friends, the Sultan seems to be the only half-decent candidate we have.

    As for the "younger" generation, perhaps it's just a matter of a lack of real political support from the people who actually matter? Because, let's face it, no matter how much appeal a candidate has to the masses, Indonesian politics is still very much a big boy's club. And there's no real incentive for the "big boys" to support anyone who isn't one of their own.

  2. Fik, I have nothing much against Pak Sultan. It's the people that I care. And if many people sees him as a King as opposed to a President, then it can make a big difference. But anyway, I don't think he can win, so never mind -- again, not that I dislike him.

    And before more paper cups are thrown at me, I should mention that what prompted me to mention about young vs old thingy is this and this.