Saturday, November 15, 2008

What's the diff between FPI and WITT?

This is insane. An NGO named Indonesian Women Against Tobacco (WITT) is going to raid smokers in Jakarta's public places. Apparently law enforcers are too weak they need all this militia groups? What next? Another NGO raiding people that chew bubble gum? What if I hate dangdut concerts that ruin my sleep at nights? Will I and my NGO, Indonesian Slumbers Against Noise, be allowed to raid them from the city, too? Ridiculous.


  1. first comman...
    news oke....
    there are teknology in KERIS

  2. By the way, hey, Kate what's the rule on smoking in our cafe again? Is it the ones who want to puff on cigarette pays the non smokers, or the latter compensate the former for not smoking?

    You said you wanted to experiment with Coase theorem for your economics term paper, did you? How's it goin'?

  3. At least this is a clear signal from the government that civilians are allowed to form militias in the name of the "greater good". It's information that would come in handy, should I ever find some part of society worth destroying =P.

  4. 'Going To' >> belum terjadi. Still in their head. There's a fine line after the WITT (where are they now?) performing their evil deeds. Then we talk law.