Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Competition is minority's best friend

The topic of my "Economics of Labor Market" class this morning was on the economics of discrimination. The instructor, Prof. G. Borjas, had to start with apologizing for severat times if what he would say on the theory of discrimination may offend anyone. Well, I found that he had no reason to apologize for anything. But the thing is, it seems that there are certain issues that are too politically sensitive.

And some people are just too oversensitive. Even in the academia. Remember what happened with Prof. Larry Summers after his comment on women's aptitude as a possible source of gender inequality in the academia? Racial or gender sensitivity is an important thing, off course. But oversensitivity is another thing.

After all, the theory conclude that discrimination is not profitable. And, as Becker said, "competition is the minority's best friend." I echoed that argument in my article 2 years ago.

Discriminated workers all around the world, support competition!

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