Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Cumulative Responses (Aco)

Dear visitors,

I'm sorry to respond you this way (please get used to it -- smile). First off, on behalf of the Cafe, I would like to thank all the commenters (we're thinking of giving you some "membership privilege"-kind of thing). Here are my replies to those commenting on my posts (as for the disputes between hosts, we usually settle them over in the kitchen) .
  • Spammers, thanks for leaving a mess here. But you're not welcome anymore.
  • "blogowner", no, don't slap journalists; we need news, and bad journalism forces us to think harder than the good one. About privatization, yes, energy is a political thing. But so are others. The government can claim anything political.
  • "dHani", thanks for visiting. I don't oppose charity. I oppose "forced charity" (ouch, an oxymoron, no?); I too give until I think I'm spoiling the recipient.
  • "chrysalic", thanks for reminding the hosts to post. Of course, privatization and monopoly can be good. But loss is loss, be it public or private.
  • "rizal", yes, Umberto Eco it is.
  • "jay", I will try to stop by at the "Confession" discussion (today?).
  • "fantarara", yes, we are in the process of recruiting a special host from Europe (he's asking a very high pay).
  • "za", that's the curse of env-econ. thanks for visiting.
Did I miss anyone?

1 comment:

  1. another thing, though : why is it being moderated?
    i know, spammer, but i pity those who can't leave their marks just because registering to Blogger is a hassle.
    we shall find html-coding to block those unwelcomed guests...