Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sorry, we're closed

While government offices were shut down and public services suspended during the long, long, long, Lebaran holiday, we wonder: how is that avian flu preparedness plan coming?


  1. Hi Ujang, very interesting comment on that flu avian phenomenon and the way Indonesians handle it. Maybe some have possibly thought that there should be an alternative solution for that.. you know like the overwhelmingly popular practice of 'alternative medication' from kampung.. as lebaran gifts:) so Governor Sutiyoso won't be that mad:)

    Dadi, Watertown

  2. I posted the question out of curiousity, really. Maybe we do have a great plan already put in place. But I agree with Dadi, with the government still taking the 'business as usual' approach, if or rather when the time comes, people might jump to alternative medications faster than you can say "Tamiflu".(Some already did.)